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YES! World is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that connects, inspires, and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just, and regenerative ways of life for all.

YES! World is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization and program that focuses on restoring balance and sustainability; means-to-end consistency; partnerships across historic divides; and intentional space for the role of love and spirit. The nonprofit connects, inspires and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just and regenerative ways of life for all.

YES! seeks to facilitate growth and positive change on three simultaneous and interconnected levels: the internal, the interpersonal, and the systemic. The nonprofit ignites the power of self-awareness and of beloved community, recognizes how inner work and relational shifts can lead to healing and liberation, and nurtures vision and collaboration to co-create possibilities for people’s lives, their families, their work and the communities around them.

YES! brings these core elements into social change movements worldwide by convening transformational gatherings called Jams and building lasting partnerships with diverse social entrepreneurs. Each Jam brings together about thirty change-makers for a week of networking, skills sharing and community building. YES! Jams create transformative fields of shared inquiry in which leaders deepen the root system behind the commitments, prayers, and actions that move through their lives.

Jams don’t seek to push any particular issue or position, but to hold space for and honor the intermingling and contrast of a diversity of issues. YES! World believes that the more aware we are of other people’s work and how it connects to ours, the more effective we are. While Jams are never created with a specific goal or solution in mind, some common threads between Jams include connecting the dots, inner wisdom, nonviolence and solidarity.

YES! also creates a podcast called ALWAYS ON, which featuring YES! founders, facilitators, partners, staff, and Board members and is dedicated to exploring YES! World’s 30-year journey and sharing stories of Jammers applying Jam practices to their lives and work.



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