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A browser extension that allows you to use your favorite fashion styles as a gateway to discovering ethical alternatives.

United by Zero (UBZ) is a company that is looking to change the way we look at fashion. UBZ created a Chrome extension that does the hard work to find sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. UBZ scientifically verifies the social and environmental impact of everyday items. Scoring individual products makes it harder for businesses to hide behind vague or false claims, and easier for shoppers to find brands they can trust.

UBZ calculate what they call a Z-Score to help find these alternatives. United by Zero evaluates products across hundreds of data points representing seven critical categories of sustainability: chemical use, water use, supply chain transparency, circularity, humanity, animal welfare, and C02 and energy use. This all leads to a company’s Z-Score. Users of the Chrome extension can personalize the Z-Score by ranking what’s most important to them. Z-Score takes into account what the science team tells us is most important for sustainability, and what the users say they care about most. From there, UBZ can easily discover brands and products that are sustainable and aligned with the user’s values. The Z-score brings transparency to commerce so users can shop with conviction.


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