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A progressive newsletter about cutting through the mass of data and information to find kernels of understanding and wisdom in science and medicine

The Incision is written by Dr. Abdul El-Sayed. In each post, he tries to cut deeper into the trends–social and scientific–driving this moment. Engaging with politics, culture, economics, society, policy, technology, biology, epidemiology, and medicine, he writes about the ways they interact and feedback on each other to create the world we’re living in. Perhaps most importantly, he writes about what we can do to create the world we deserve.

He believes in knowledge and ideas—and he knows that these things are more enjoyable and fulfilling when we explore them in a community. The original promise of social media was that platforms would build community. Instead, they’ve done quite the opposite. Rather than thoughtful conversation and reasoned dialogue, they’ve bred vitriol and hate. Newsletters like this one offer a new forum for comment, a place where we can have conversations without the burden of an algorithm, clickbait, or trolling. Here, we are building a community that cuts beyond the unhelpful detritus of our public conversation to connect us to what matters. Free and paid subscriptions are available.


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