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A magazine looking to have its readers join the movement for a wilder world.

Rewilding Magazine is an independent publication dedicated to exploring the people, places, ideas, and debates connected to the global rewilding movement. Rewilding is a resource for those seeking inspiration on how to improve the human relationship with the natural world, and a community for those who want to make the planet a better place for all.

The creators of the magazine believe Rewilding has the potential to capture the world’s imagination in the fight against climate change. They also think that it’s more motivating to work toward something than to be against something. Rewilding believes the planet needs more wild spaces and more biodiversity, and that we’re all better off when more people are engaged with nature.

The vision of rewilding movement covers everything from backyard pollinator gardens to the reintroduction of large mammals in conservation areas. That may scale from personal projects to multinational initiatives on land and in the oceans. It also encompasses the human aspect of rewilding: not just learning to live lighter on the earth, with respect for the other living beings that make their home here, but also recognizing that the impacts of environmental devastation are not borne equally by all.


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