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Pax Natura is a U.S.-based non-profit that is focused on protecting and promoting the ecological health and well-being of the natural world.

Pax Natura is a non-profit organization, based in Salt Lake City, Utah that is focused on protecting and promoting the ecological health and well-being of the natural world. They believe we all have a duty to acknowledge our responsibility to the greater web of life, to one another, and to future generations.

Some of the organization’s diverse initiatives include agro-ecology, avoided deforestation, carbon credits (REDD), renewable-energy development, biodiversity conservation, watershed protection, exposing the risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and partnering with other conservation organizations. The non-profit gets involved in projects where it can lend a hand in helping others get measurable results, or in which it can partner for a common cause. Pax Natura also seeks out people who are making an impact in the world, and who are aligned with their values, to honor them with the Pax Natura “Golden Toad” Award and $10,000 dollars.

Their current projects include Peace With Nature in Costa Rica, a documentary film about the protection and restoration of the Costa Rican rainforests and The Guatemala Agro-ecology Project, which aims to promote agroecological farming and gardening practices within communities in San Martin, Guatemala.

Pax Natura also has a podcast called RadioNatura that invites guests from multiple sectors, including luminaries, academics, domestic and international government workers, young professionals, and activists to share their stories involving their work and passions for the environment. Episodes have discussed topics like backyard ecological restoration, lifestyle changes for a more sustainable future, and the interplay between food, culture, and activism.


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