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A U.S.-based collective that recognizes the need to redesign the value systems, incentives, and social contracts underpinning modern society.

Denizen is a U.S.-based collective that recognizes the need to redesign the incentives and social contract underpinning modern society. Denizen is a diverse community of leaders who are committed to addressing the fundamental challenges facing humanity today, both in their personal and professional lives.

Denizen is comprised of entrepreneurs, technologists, scholars, artists, activists, healers, designers, investors and nonprofit leaders. Amongst this community are also systems change leaders at organizations such as Zebras Unite, Purpose, the Center for Humane Technology, the Post Growth Institute, and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Denizen’s work is centered on an ongoing inquiry that explores the following questions: Can we envision a society that is more equitable, caring, and regenerative? And if we could envision such a future, how might we transition from where we are today? By investigating these questions and honing in on specific themes of economics, politics, justice, technology, culture, and consciousness, Denizen hopes to make sense of the current times and develop a shared vision for a more equitable, caring, and regenerative future

Denizen curates a wide range of guests on their podcast Becoming Denizen, where they discuss subjects such as guaranteed income, partnerism, and decentralized social media. They also create summaries, on their website, of essential topics such as universal basic income, long term capitalism, and the circular economy, in the hopes of building collective wisdom via shared learning.

Denizen was initiated by Jenny Stefanotti, who serves as the Steward and Curator. She is a former Googler, Stanford Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School graduate, longtime yogi, and mother of three.


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