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A nonprofit supporting a community of volunteers advocating for climate candidates & climate policies.

Climate Changemakers is a U.S.-based nonprofit that promotes that anyone can be a changemaker. The Climate Changemakers community advocates for equitable, science-based climate policies and pro-climate-action leaders. The nonprofit wants its community to know no matter your level of experience, your voice is powerful. The real impact is achieved through sustained, community-based action.

Climate Changemakers hosts virtual hours of action. These events provide a dedicated time and place to take productive, strategic political action on climate. The nonprofit provides everything you need, no experience is necessary. Then they take action using clear, simple, step-by-step action playbooks. These actions are usually either electoral advocacy or policy advocacy.  When activists take action consistently, they have the potential to make real change. Building power together in the community makes it easy to form a climate-action habit.

A community of advocates shares a vision for bigger, bolder, faster, and more just climate leadership that meets the urgency and scale of the challenge. Climate Changemakers are leveraging their unique spheres of influence and building transformative power together to catalyze government action.



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