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A U.S.-based organization that facilitates a form of group meditation and communication called “Circling.”

CircleAnywhere is a U.S.-based organization that facilitates group-based meditation and communication that they call “Circling.” Circling is usually done in groups of 3-10 people and usually lasts between twenty to forty-five minutes. After a brief group meditation led by the Circling leader, a more open, exploratory period of communication and interaction begins where any individual can ask questions about, or speak on, their in-the-moment truth and experience. This process allows individuals to let go of anything that isn’t truth or love, which almost always involves getting intimate with painful, uncomfortable feelings and experiences that get in the way. CircleAnywhere values truthfulness, self-responsibility, love, and embracing the beauty of life as it is.

Through Circling, individuals practice the ability to stay with tension and conflict and to mine it for growth, insight, and creativity. They cultivate elegance and capacity to work with uncertainty, volatility and mystery. They hone agility in the face of the unknown, welcoming change. And they learn to value trans-ideological navigation: gaining insight into what makes others tick in a way that brings deep empathy and peacefulness, even when considering the opinions of people who are on opposite sides of political and religious spectrums.

CircleAnywhere’s team of 40+ leaders has facilitated thousands of people in over 10,000 hours of practice by providing hours of sessions every single day for over 6 years. All of CircleAnywhere’s facilitators are certified in Circling as well as being authorities in different areas—many are meditators, therapists, teachers, etc., including CircleAnywhere’s founder Jordan Myska Allen, who is also a PhilosophyCenter Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Integral Facilitator.

CircleAnywhere provides both in-person and remote options for Circling, offering remote sessions via zoom every single day.

Circling has been used in schools, board rooms, refugee camps, courtrooms, monasteries, and even music studios. CircleAnywhere’s clients are individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, but Circling integrates thousands of years of wisdom and innovations to help everyone develop effortless mindfulness and healthier relationships.



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