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Carbon Collective is a U.S.-based SEC-registered financial advisor that connects clients to climate-friendly investment options.

Carbon Collective is an SEC-registered financial advisor that connects clients to climate-friendly investment options, based in Albany, NY, USA. Carbon collective believes that fossil fuel companies will only change when the market forces them to. By offering climate-forward portfolios at the same price and similar diversity as generic ones, they aim to collectivize and amplify our voices into the largest climate-impact fund ever created.

Like generic robo-advisors, Carbon Collective charges a management fee of 0.25% of your assets under management/year. If your account averaged at $10,000, it would deduct $25/year (~$2.08/month). Services are open to any US citizen, 18 years or older, with their permanent residence in the US.

Some theories of ethical/impact investing have advisors and fund managers take a “seat at the table” with fossil fuel companies. They argue that it’s important to hold their stock in order to engage these companies directly on issues like climate. Carbon Collective believes this strategy has failed. Fossil fuel production has only increased over the past 20 years, because there continues to be customers and it continues to be profitable. Additionally, these fossil fuel companies know climate-enthusiasts are already against them, so they don’t face any additional brand risk from defying them.

Instead of the “taking a seat at the table” approach, Carbon Collective believes that a strategy built around divesting from carbon companies, reinvesting in companies that are building climate solutions, and finally using our leverage as individual investors to vote & pressure companies to decarbonize.

Carbon Collective believes that this strategy will help individuals wield their power to hold companies accountable and collectivise many individual voices into a stronger, single voice.


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