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Ashoka is an organization based in the United States that identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Ashoka is an organization based in the United States that identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build a better world. Ashoka focuses on three strategic priorities to help people understand and adapt to a world of accelerating change and where everyone is called on to be a leader. These strategies are: Social Entrepreneurship, Empath and Young Changemaking, and Organizing for Changemaking. Ashoka selects world-class social entrepreneurs who are leading the way to a world filled with changemakers. They are currently leading a movement to transform how young people grow up so they have the power to lead, to contribute, and to be in charge. They believe that living and working in a changemaker world requires breaking through silos, tearing down walls, and organizing in collaborative teams.

They find and cultivate social entrepreneurs in every corner of the world, whose system-changing innovations solve deep-rooted social problems. Ashoka sets its strategic priorities by drawing on the insights of a core group of Fellows whose work reveals an opportunity for catalyzing transformative change. These Fellows serve as co-leaders of a movement that contributes to a changemaker society. For each of Ashoka’s strategic priorities, they mobilize a network of organizations to join in shifting mindsets and reshaping how we learn, work, and live together to catalyze changemaking for the good of society. They partner with schools, universities, corporations, citizen sector organizations, media, and other influencers to co-lead this movement.

Their goal is to continue to support an “Everyone is a Changemaker” world through their programs in more than 90 countries, building and amplifying this global movement in three stages: identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, accelerating the “Everyone is a Changemaker” mentality, and equipping everyone to be a changemaker.


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