Ford E-Transit

Detroit becomes first city in the U.S. to install wireless-charging roadway

Initially, a Ford E-Transit fitted with a receiver will be used to gather data as part of a five-year pilot to perfect the technology in real-world settings and study potential public transport applications – though there are plans to open the electric road system to the public within the next few years.

Java train map

Indonesia opens Southern Hemisphere’s first high-speed train

The new all-electric rail line, between the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Bandung, cuts journey time from around 3 hours, down to just 45 minutes. There are plans to continue the line onwards, from Bandung city node, all the way to the eastern end of Java.

Nissan logo

Nissan commits to exclusively sell EVs in Europe by 2030

Nissan’s Ambition 2030 aims to globally introduce 27 electrified vehicles, with 19 being EVs, by 2030. Additionally, Nissan plans to implement cobalt-free technology to reduce the cost of EV batteries by 65% by fiscal year 2028.

Volvo logo on headcap

Volvo Cars to cease production of all diesel models in 2024

This milestone follows Volvo’s previous announcement in 2022 to discontinue the development of new internal combustion engines. By selling its stake in Aurobay, the joint venture responsible for its remaining combustion engine assets, Volvo redirected its focus entirely towards electric powertrains.