Transgender rights & well-being

Vatican City

The Vatican says transgender people can be baptized

The Vatican, which leads the Catholic Church, has said that transgender people and people in same-sex relationships can be baptized and serve as witnesses at weddings, and trans people can also be godparents as well.

Ithaca New York

Ithaca, New York declares itself a safe haven for trans people

The city’s Common Council unanimously approved a bill to emphasize existing anti-discrimination laws and protect access to gender-affirming care.
It also said the city would not work with out-of-state law enforcement officials looking to punish those who traveled to New York to receive legal healthcare.

Mexican church with colorful flags

Mexico adds nonbinary option to passports

Nonbinary Mexicans now have the option to select “X” as their gender marker, rather than male or female. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard called the move “a great leap for the freedom and dignity of people.”