Yara Eide clean ammonia-based ship

Yara announces world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship

Green ammonia offers a solution to one of the hardest tasks in decarbonization: replacing diesel in large ships. Yara is stepping forward with a commitment to launch the world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship, ready for service in 2026. Shipping is responsible for between 1.7 and 3% of global CO2 emissions.

Big tree at night

Paraguay adopts new law to improve carbon credit market

The legislation creates a registry for carbon credit projects within the National Directorate of Climate Change to serve as the official record of every carbon credit program active in Paraguay and ensure that land isn’t being registered more than once — a common problem in the global carbon credit market.

European Union flags

European Union launches world’s carbon border tariff

The European Union has launched the initial phase of the world’s first system to impose CO2 emissions tariffs on carbon-intensive imports like iron and steel, as it tries to stop more polluting foreign products from undermining its green transition.