Technology & innovation

Ford E-Transit

Detroit becomes first city in the U.S. to install wireless-charging roadway

Initially, a Ford E-Transit fitted with a receiver will be used to gather data as part of a five-year pilot to perfect the technology in real-world settings and study potential public transport applications – though there are plans to open the electric road system to the public within the next few years.

Yara Eide clean ammonia-based ship

Yara announces world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship

Green ammonia offers a solution to one of the hardest tasks in decarbonization: replacing diesel in large ships. Yara is stepping forward with a commitment to launch the world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship, ready for service in 2026. Shipping is responsible for between 1.7 and 3% of global CO2 emissions.

Spot of blood on tip of finger

Quick, simple blood test helps diagnose bipolar disorder

The researchers from the University of Cambridge found that, on its own, the blood test could diagnose up to 30% of patients with BD, but combining it with the online psychiatric assessment significantly improved the diagnosis rate, especially in people whose diagnosis was not obvious.