Prison justice

Aerial view of Northwestern University campus

For the first time, U.S. prisoners graduate from top university

Northwestern University’s Prison Education Program has now welcomed its inaugural graduating class of incarcerated students. Around 100 students are enrolled in the Northwestern program across Stateville Correctional Center for men and the Logan Correctional Center for women.

Independence Arch, Accra, Ghana

Ghana ends capital punishment

The West African country currently has 170 men and six women on death row, whose sentences will now be replaced by life imprisonment. Until now, execution has been the mandatory sentence for murder in Ghana.

Two women kissing, one holding a LGBTQ pride flag

U.K. to pardon women convicted of homosexuality

The British Home Office is expanding a program that pardons people convicted of any offense related to homosexuality. Previously, the program was only available to men, but it is now open to women.