Ocean health

School of fish

14 countries commit to ocean sustainability initiative

Governments from 14 countries responsible for 40% of the world’s coastlines and 20% of global fisheries have committed to sustainably manage their national waters by 2025 and encouraged all other nations to join them by 2030.

Nanshan Cultural Tourist Zone, Sanya, China

Chinese island province of Hainan bans all disposable plastics

Plastic polymer food containers, forks, drink cups, knives, straws, plastic bags, packaging bags, and other items that are not biodegradable are no longer allowed to be sold at major establishments like supermarkets, hospitals, government and state-owned buildings like schools, and tourist attractions.

Coral and fish

Tristan da Cunha establishes a massive marine protected area

The government of Tristan da Cunha, a four-island archipelago of about 250 people, has announced that it will be protecting approximately 700,000 square kilometers of its waters, creating the world’s fourth-largest Marine Protected Area.