Marine conservation

Whale's tail

Dominica to create world’s first sperm whale reserve

Commercial fishing will not be permitted in the reserve, but artisanal fishing will be allowed, as long as it is sustainable and does not endanger the whales. Large ships will be required to use designated ocean corridors to avoid disturbing the mammals.

Deer in the forest

E.U. agrees to restore 20% of its lands and waters by 2030

In order to meet these goals, member nations must restore a minimum of 30% of the types of habitat covered by the Nature Restoration Law that are in “poor condition” to a “good condition” by the end of the decade, with an increase to 60% by the end of the following decade and 90% by 2050.

Waves at sunset

Seventy-plus nations sign historic high seas treaty

The signing of the treaty is a significant step in a global effort to protect the high seas, areas of the ocean beyond national borders. The high seas encompass two-thirds of the world’s oceans, but only about 1% currently have any kind of protected status.