Flora & fauna

Rhino in the field

Zero rhinos poached in Kenya in 2020

2020 was remarkable year for rhino protection in Kenya where not one single rhino lost its horn or lost its life last year—a feat not achieved since 1999.

Rhinos standing in an open field

New anti-poaching motion sensor recognizes when wildlife is on the run

Modern sensors have given conservationists a powerful new tool in the fight against poaching. A new research project at the University of Twente could harness this technology in yet another useful way, by mixing motion sensors with machine learning to recognize when wildlife is responding to a nearby threat.

Leopard, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Population of endangered leopard species rebounds in China

Camera footage installed by Bing Xie, a Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen and her fellow research colleagues showed an increase of 25 percent in northern China’s Loess Plateau’s leopard population from 88 in 2016 to 110 in 2017.


Singapore to plant 1 million native trees

In an effort to restore Singapore’s once-rich mangrove forest ecosystems, the nation is embarking on a 1 million tree planting spree in hopes that they can save numerous bird, reptile, and tree species from extinction, and provide a ton of valuable ecosystem services.