Economic inequality

German Bundestag

Germany approves global minimum corporate tax

In 2021 almost 140 countries agreed to an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development deal they are meant to implement from next year to prevent big companies from avoiding taxation by transferring profits to low-tax countries. Germany has now formally implemented that commitment.

Woman with graduation cap smiling

Biden administration has forgiven $127 billion in student debt

Biden’s plans to cancel up to $400 billion in student debt for tens of millions of Americans were foiled by the Supreme Court. Still, Biden has managed to erase $127 billion in student debt so far for more than 3.5 million borrowers — more than any other president in history.

Boston skyline

Massachusetts passes a millionaire’s tax

A new 4% tax on the state’s wealthiest residents will account for $1 billion of the state’s $56 billion fiscal budget for 2024. A portion of those funds will be used to provide all public-school students with free weekday meals.