It’s getting better all the time!

jungwoo hong cYUMaCqMYvI unsplash

Every year, Social Progress Imperative publishes an index of over 150 countries, scoring them across 51 indicators of social progress (e.g., opportunity, safety, water and sanitation). Every year, their Index gets a good amount of buzz on mainstream media, with news outlets pointing out that this country has had a setback since last year or that country is not making progress fast enough.

What they don’t ever seem to emphasize is that every year since the Index was first launched in 2014 has seen the global average for well-being increasing. Human well-being generally is improving over time. This is incredible, deeply important news. We should all know about it.

Why is it then even when we are smacked in the face with reasons for optimism, positivity and gratitude, we find the story that allows us to be feel bad or not enough?

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