Introducing Kindling

Kindling K 01 copy

Yesterday, after two years, I got my MBA in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot. Today, I turn my full attention to building Kindling and I could not be more excited.

Right now, we are at maybe the most fascinating and important time in human history yet.

We are on the brink of disaster and chaos. Climate change grows worse by the day. We continue to struggle deeply with whether we truly believe those of us who are not rich straight white men deserve equal treatment, opportunity, and respect. Here in America, we are seriously considering electing a dangerous fear-monger as President. The gap between the rich and the poor is larger than ever.

Yet, at the same time, we are living at a time when possibility for the future is brighter than ever. Now more than at any other time, many of us are deeply critical of and acting out against our current brand of capitalism. We see that money is a means, not an end. Our investments in clean, renewable energy are at an all-time high and grow by the day. Bernie Sanders has inspired a movement of tens of millions of people who seek radical, fundamental change. This is a group of people who are energized and ready to rethink basic assumptions about our purpose as humans and what we mean when we say “us.” The conversation about what it means to have an equitable and inclusive society is louder and deeper than ever.

This doesn’t mean the work is over or that we get to pat ourselves on the back and put our feet up. It does, however, show us that we can make progress. Whether we keep moving forward is up to us.

Kindling is here to help us humans grow in the direction of sustainability, equality, and peace. We are creating a space and community where you can learn about and help build our society’s next systems – economic, political, organizational, and spiritual; those that are possible and those that are already emerging.

For Kindling to be a success, we will need your energy, support, and genius. You have the opportunity to be among the first members of what we hope will grow into a transformative movement.

Will you join us?